No 2 , Ally 1 , Jahad Ave. , Dadman blvd. Shahrak-e-gharb , Tehran , ZIP:1468693371 + 98 910 451 1933

ARSAM Engineering and construction company is one of the leading Contracting companies involved in all kind of construction works for nearly 24 years. ARSAM’S experience on more than30 construction projects is summarized in the company’s Resume. Scope of work involves projects covering all Engineering disciplines including civil, structure, mechanical, electrical, etc. Recent experience of ARSAM was mostly concentrated on steel and mining industries, water and wastewater treatment plant, oil, Gas and petrochemical Engineering works. ARSAM posses most of the machineries and equipments needed for construction Including trucks, cranes, wheel loaders excavators, mixer trucks –batching plants, concrete pumps, welding machines, etc.
ARSAM has a machinery shop in Abeyek near Tehran for minor machinery works needed for construction. In recent years this shop has produced more than1.5 million T.F. (Polyethylene -metal Transition fittings) for national Iranian Gas company.

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Arsam engneeriing is currenlt undertaking various projects in Tehran and other provinces